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We have hundreds of social casino games for you to play from classic casino slots to exhilarating Crash.
With our great range the fun will never stop.


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Every single day, week and month we have prizes awarded to our top players.
Race to the top to win Gems and Shards.



Get free Shards and Gems every single day with absolutely no purchase necessary.
Just log in and open your daily chests to get yours.


VegasGems is a Social Casino website for players in the United State of America.
No purchase necessary to play. 18+ Only. Residents of Washington State, Nevada and Idaho may not hold an account or play our games.
US ID verification is necessary on purchase. Terms & Conditions apply.

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VegasGems.Com USA's Best Sweepstake Casino | Sweeps Cash Casinos 2024 | Get Your Vegas Sweeps Coins Today

Welcome to Vegas Gems - The ultimate social casino - perfect for those who love the thrill of unique games, all in a Vegas Sweeps environment. Our online gaming platform will allow you to win Cash prizes by earning gold coins and sweeps, while you play casino games at our sweepstakes casino.

Dive into the world of sweepstakes casinos, with Vegas Gems. Each game on offer promises an abundance of fun while using our Las Vegas Sweeps virtual currency that can be used to redeem money prizes and to play games while using our sweepstakes coins to play at our sweepstakes casino.

Huge Selection of Sweepstakes Casino Games

We offer our customers a safe and secure environment at Vegas Gems. Perfect for all players who want to enjoy playing Vegas Sweeps casino games. On our website, you can expect a great library of games and plenty of offers that can be enjoyed, great for all new and existing players that use our social casino. Who are looking for the best instant win games and want to win real cash prizes while playing at the best social and sweepstakes casino to ever hit the market. Redeem sweeps coins and enjoy real cash prizes today, whilst giving you the chance to earn free sweeps coins at the ultimate social casino.

What Does Our Sweepstakes Casinos Offer? (Vegas Gems)

Vegas Gems is a sweepstake casino that will allow you to play free traditional casino-style games, that include slots and roulette titles, all within the United States of America, allowing you to play for gold coins and the chance to earn free coins. A true great alternative for those looking for a traditional online gambling experience, within the USA and an alternative to real money online casinos and online gambling. Giving you the chance to earn free sweeps and sweepstakes coins using our social casino.

Slot Games

Here you can expect and enjoy one of the best sweepstake casinos that offers a true Vegas Sweeps feel with every spin and feature. Offering a wide array of slot games that you can enjoy. At Vegas Gems we offer you the chance to get free coins and play the most popular slots. No matter what slot game or other game title you are looking for, here we have it all for you to enjoy. Our slot games and casino bonuses allow you to win sweeps coins whilst giving you the potential to earn free sweeps coins and win cash prizes while playing at one of the best Sweepstakes Casinos on the market, Vegas Gems. We believe a slot game is one of the best games when it comes to an online casino, and we have brought you the best slot titles in the industry.

Our Vegas Sweeps social casino is thriving and is dedicated to providing customers fun and excitement, why not join Vegas Gems today and experience one of the best sweepstakes casinos with reaps of fun to be had at one of the more favorite sweepstakes casinos available. However we are unique as in our sweepstake casino, we offer more than just slot games.


If you want a provably fair coinflip experience, then at Vegas Gems, we have what you are looking for with our sweepstakes casino.

It allows players to place a 50/50 wager with a true 50-chance experience. Allowing you to win shards and gems from other players in the lobby.


Crash gambling platforms are constantly growing in popularity. Luckily at Vegas Gems, we are at the heart of the action, not just offering slot games, we also offer Crash. If you are looking for a popular title crash, that's situated within a sweepstakes casino environment then look no further!


If you are looking to play towers with a sweepstake twist then take a look at our Tower Game. Towers is one of the more popular games that you will find on a casino site. A game that will certainly test your skills putting you right in the center of the action. If you are a huge lover of tower defence, then we highly recommend trying this one out!


Arguably there is no bigger game than Roulette, when it comes to a sweepstake casino. Here at Vegas Gems, we provide the best place to play Roulette within a sweepstake environment. Our Roulette game is one of the best around and what makes us one of the best sweepstakes casinos that is currently on the market. We have quickly established ourselves at the top, perfect for those looking for the best roulette experience possible.


Like the thrill of unboxing rewards? Then take a look at our unboxing. This gives you a chance to win shards and gems, giving you a true unboxing experience, that can't be found at any other sweepstakes casino.


Like the thrill of progressive jackpot? Then take a look at our sweepstake jackpot, perfect for those who love the original jackpot game, but want to play it within a sweepstake environment with other players across the USA. Truly making us one of the best sweepstakes casinos in the USA.

Vegas Gems - Sweepstakes Casinos

Are you Looking for the best Vegas Sweeps experience? You are certainly in the right location. At Vegas Gems we have put all our knowledge and expertise into running and bringing you the ultimate, sweepstake casino experience for all users, offering hours of fun no matter what game you prefer or how you like to stake, giving you the ultimate chance to win free coins at one of the best sweeps casinos, Vegas Gems.

Traditional Online Casinos Alternative - (Vegas Gems)

Our mission and actions are simple, we provide you with a true gameplay experience, with every action. Truly the best place to be if you are looking for the best alternative to traditional online casinos within the USA, to avoid any confusion, with sites like Wow Vegas being one of the first to create a sweepstake platform.

At Vegas Gems we have brought a fresh approach to the world of sweepstakes casinos. Providing you with what we believe to be the perfect platform for sweepstakes gaming Since our release, we have been seen as one of the best sweepstakes casinos. Giving players everything they need and putting players the heart of sweepstake gaming. We are always adding to our site and keeping everything fresh, don't forget to sign in daily for our incredibly daily bonuses.

The Ultimate Sweepstakes Casinos Experience

Sweepstakes Casinos and Sweepstakes Casino Apps provide a great and unique gaming platform, as online gambling is illegal and prohibited in most states. The games you find at our sweepstakes online casino, look and play very similar to traditional online casinos. The only difference is that you are not playing for real money when you play sweepstakes casinos and sweepstakes sites.

Sweepstakes Casinos operate using two coin systems, allowing you to play with two different types of currencies. While playing at the best sweepstakes casino Vegas Gems, you do not need to play with real money while you enjoy casino style games at our site.

What Makes Vegas Gems Unique?

Our modernity, fluidity and security are what make us one of the best around. We offer a wide range of games that can be enjoyed using Vegas Sweeps. Our site uses the best security solution as well as the best technology when it comes to casino-style games, putting you right in the centre of all the action, perfect for new players and existing players. This gives you the best chance to earn free coins while playing at sweepstakes casinos, we believe we have crafted the best place to enjoy a true social casino experience.

Our deposit bonus is truly one of the best on the market and what makes us one of the favourite sweepstakes casinos for a lot of people. If you are looking for a greater alternative to real money casinos, then Vegas Gems is the place to play sweepstakes casino games and is one of the newest social and sweepstakes casinos on the market, offering a wide selection of games for you to enjoy, a true sweepstakes casino experience, creating a fresh casino gaming experience.

How Do Sweepstakes Casinos Such as Vegas Gems Work?

As stated earlier, at sweepstakes casinos such as Vegas Gems, you don't use real cash to make bets. At Vegas Gems when you sign up, you will receive a sweepstakes casino bonus that contains Shards and Gems. These two currencies can then be used to play sweepstakes casino gaming at our online sweepstakes casino.

Earn Free Sweeps Coins

Players at Vegas Gems also get the opportunity to earn more free sweeps at our social casino by simply logging in daily to receive daily login bonuses at our social casino. Or purchase sweeps from us, for example, you can purchase 100,000 gold coins if you want to play for even longer.

Make Purchases

If you find that the bonuses are not enough for you, you can purchase shards from our store that come with a bonus, allowing you to play for longer! The virtual currencies on our site can be used to redeem real cash prizes this is what makes us one of the best sweepstakes casinos to-date, offering a fresh outlook and a wide selection of games to be enjoyed, with other players across the USA.

Provably Fair Sweepstake Games at Sweeps Casinos

One of the most important assets to a casino is that you will get provably fair games and a true security service. Here we do exactly that. We bring you the best Vegas Sweeps-style games that you can enjoy with simplicity, either in the comfort of your own home or on the go with a mobile device using our social casino and sweepstakes casino.

Why not try your luck at our amazing jackpot? Or take an overview of the wide selection of games that he has on offer, at Vegas Gems we have something for everyone while using our sweepstake casino.

Best Customer Support

We provide our customers with the best customer support. If you have any issues we are always on hand to protect and resolve them for you. Good support is truly something we believe should be at the forefront of all casino sites and not just sweepstakes casinos and can often be hard to find, and we are certainly no exception in bringing you the best customer support possible and the best place to play Jackpot slots if traditional casinos are not available to you.

Leaderboard System - Get Rewarded

Want to compete with other players at Vegas Gems? Our sweepstakes casino offers an intuitive and in-depth leaderboard system. This is built into our site and allows you to play with a competitive nature if that's your thing! We also have a 24-hour leaderboard that shows the best and most successful players within that time frame, adding to the overall experience!

Our leaderboard system is set into three different categories, Daily, Weekly & Monthly. This allows you to check the best players within these categories at any time!

Another important note is that the top 3 players daily get rewarded with coins!

Vegas Casino with a Sweepstake Twist

We provide a Vegas Sweeps casino, where you can purchase gold coin packages, that come with a great deposit bonus.

Rest assured playing at a sweepstakes casino is legal in most states, with the only exceptions being Washington State, Idaho and Nevada.

Why Choose Vegas Gems?

Choosing the right sweepstakes casino can often be a challenge, its important to look at the most important factors when it comes to choosing the best sweepstakes site for you.

These main factors include the likes of range of slot games, site quality and site reliability.

Free sweeps coins and promotions are also another important factor. Here at Vegas Gems, we have brought you the best games and best promotions, all in one place.

Customer service is also a vital feature of online casinos, sweepstakes casinos are certainly no exception. At Vegas Gems we have a wide range of contact methods, and great customer service, if you have questions or any issues our customer service team is always on hand to help out with any queries and issues you may have.

What is the Difference Between a Sweepstakes Casino and a Social Casino?

The great news is that there is little difference between the two types of platforms. A sweepstakes casino does not involve the use of real money. In fact with Vegas Gems and other sweepstakes casinos, you are always using two virtual currencies. At Vegas Gems, we use shards and gems that be used for free play and also prize redemptions which our own sweepstakes coins also known as sweeps coins within the industry.

Getting Started at Vegas Gems - Play Online Casino Games

Our Las Vegas Sweeps game titles are available 24/7 through computer and mobile devices, making us one of the best platforms and sweep cash casinos around, allowing you to create memorable gaming moments at our online casino with free coins.

To get started at our Vegas Sweeps platform simply follow the instructions below:

  1. Click on the registration button on our site which will take you to the registration page.
  2. Enter your details into the registration form
  3. Claim your free Sweeps
  4. Make purchases if needed (Will require identification)
  5. Make plays!
  6. Redeem money prizes!

Responsible Play at Vegas Gems

Even though games can be completely free at Vegas Gems, it's possible to make purchases to allow you to play for longer. We always recommend that you play smart, create your own budget and set it to what you can only afford to lose. This will ensure that no financial issues occur, due to overspending. Remember playing casino games should always be fun, not a full way of earning an income. If you decide to make purchases with us, always keep in mind what you are spending and only play with what you can afford to lose.

Understanding how each game works is the best way to ensure you are playing as smart as possible. This will also improve your chances of winning, and give you a better overall experience. We always recommend that you play for free, before spending your income.

Ensuring responsible play, means you understand when playing is no longer fun and starts becoming a financial issue. If you find that playing casino games and using sweepstakes casinos is becoming a problem financially and socially, you should stop right away.

Why Are Sweepstakes Casinos Popular?

Players in the USA option don't have the option to start playing casino games in most states. Vegas Gems and sweepstakes casino sites provide the option to allow players to play and enjoy bingo games, slot titles and sometimes even live dealer games, legally.

One more thing that has helped the popularity is the fact that legit sweepstakes casinos such as Vegas Gems allow you to play completely for free, without needing to spend real money. However, if you do want to purchase gold coins, giving you more opportunity to win prizes then you also have the option. At a sweepstakes casino you can sometimes find bingo games and even live dealer games.

The popularity is a growing trend that is growing exponentially, perfect for those who are looking to play games and more importantly an alternative to regular online gambling. Our platforms provide the best platform to win sweeps coins, without the need to place real cash bets. Making us the best platform on the market in the 49 states where sweepstakes casinos are legal.

We have brought the best place to play slot games and many other popular game titles, all in one place.

Many players around the USA, see Vegas Gems as the ultimate place for a social sweepstake experience. We offer a great leaderboard system and a great choice of games for you to enjoy.

Fast Winnings

Rest assured, every transaction is safe, secure, efficient and safe from online attacks. There are often many sweepstake casinos that are often bad and illegitimate. However, at Vegas Gems, we believe we have brought you something unique with our Las Vegas Sweeps theme. From the moment you sign up and receive your bonus until the end, bringing you one of the best platforms when it comes to sweepstakes casinos.

Bonuses Using Vegas Sweeps at Sweepstakes Casinos

Most social casinos offer new and existing player bonuses. We are certainly not an exception! It must be said that the bonuses that we offer on our Vegas Sweeps site are a lot more generous than other social casinos. The very first bonus that you will notice is when you sign up for our site by using our welcome bonus, which is incredibly generous to new players and one of the best when it comes to online sweepstakes casinos.

To see your welcome bonus simply head over to the promotions section. Here is where you can claim all of the bonuses we have provided, click on rewards and then open the chest to reap all the promotions.

The screen will then land on a bunch of different gems, which are unique for all users. When you play on our Vegas Sweeps casino on games such as Mines, Towers, Crash and Jackpot, these will allow you to win Vegas Sweeps and Sweeps coins for cash prizes by playing Vegas Gems, one of the newest and best sweepstakes casinos.

Unmatched Daily Bonuses and Loyalty Scheme

What makes us even more unique is that we offer great rewards to existing players just as much as newer players. Simply by logging into your account each day, you can claim a case daily. Allowing you to receive the best sweepstakes casino bonus while playing at Vegas Gems.

Daily Rewards

Visit the reward section to claim your free cases, you will then be eligible for a random reward which will consist of either Shards or Gems, these can then be activated and added to your on-site balance and then used to play our wide selection of social casino games, giving you the ultimate potential to win even more sweeps coins while playing at Sweepstakes Casinos.

Play with Shards

At our sweeps casino, you do not play with real cash. You can make purchases that allow you to make a virtual payment which will grant you with shards. These shards come with free gems as a bonus. For example, our smallest package on offer is 5,500 shards which cost $4.99 and with this package, you will get 6 free gems. The packages on our site will allow you to play our online casino games, with a wide range of sweepstakes casino games for you to enjoy.

KYC Is Mandatory to Play with Shards

It must be noted that if you do want to make real cash purchases, you will need to verify your account before you can purchase virtual currency from us as this is a legal requirement with all social casinos. We recommend that you complete the KYC procedure as this ensures that there are no delays and you can get in on all the actions as soon as possible while using sweepstakes casinos like Vegas Gems.

Stay Connected

It is always important to to stay connected on our social media channels such as X where you will find a wide range of daily promotions that are only exclusive to our social media followers. This gives you a chance at winning even more shards and sweeps coins while using your favourite sweepstakes casinos.

Legalities About Sweepstakes Casinos

Sweepstakes Casinos and its popularity has increased in recent times. They are 100% legal and they are only exempt in a few states. Below are a few fundamentals of sweepstakes casinos that are certainly important to know.

Fully Legal

Sweepstakes and social casinos are allowed in almost every state. The only states that prohibit them are as follows. Washington State, Nevada and Idaho. If you try to access a sweepstakes site from this location, then you will not have access to play at a sweepstakes site which is exactly the case with Vegas Gems.

Free Play

Our shards and gems can be used for complete free play, offering daily bonuses for simply logging in and participating in our games. Additionally, if you do want to purchase more shards and gems this is entirely possible and can be purchased on our sweepstake website.

Prize Redemptions

Sweepstakes sites and Vegas Gems only offer redemptions and not withdrawals. You can exchange shards for real money prizes.

Vegas Gems - Sweepstake Casino Tips

Now we have covered everything you need to know about a sweepstakes casino, let's look at some tips & tricks to make the most out of your adventure with Vegas Gems.

Welcome Bonuses

The new player bonus on offer at Vegas Gems is the best bonus possible that you can receive while playing at our Sweepstake casino. This offer is made available to you as soon as you create an account and register with us. You will receive a random amount of free sweeps which can then be used to play our game titles.

Daily Login Bonus

The daily login bonus is also very popular with our players. This allows our players to play for free on a daily basis, without the need to purchase gold coins from us.

Competitions & Giveaways

At Vegas Gems, we provide competitions and giveaways, sometimes on our social media channels, that are always worth checking out and another great way to earn even more free sweeps coins.

Frequently Asked Questions - Sweepstakes Casinos & Vegas Gems

Below are some of the most frequent questions regarding our Las Vegas social casino experience and in general sweepstakes casinos.

Are Sweepstakes Casinos Legal?

Many consumers have questions about the sweepstakes laws and the legalities. As stated earlier, we offer a genuine & legal platform with the correct licenses to operate and is legal within most states across the USA and is certainly one of the best sweepstakes casinos available perfect for those looking for a casino-style gaming experience within the USA.

Can I Win Real Cash at Sweepstakes Casinos?

You can win real money prizes that have real value, that can be redeemed using our virtual currencies with our gold coins and shards this is the case with most sweepstakes casinos and we are certainly no exception.

What is a Free Sweepstakes Casino?

Free sweepstakes casinos provide free casino games, allowing you to receive a plethora of bonuses allowing you to play in a sweep casinos environment, completely free and not involving real money!

Are Sweepstakes Casinos Safe To Play?

Yes! - online sweepstakes are safe to play, as along as you use Vegas Gems or any other trusted sweepstakes casinos.

Do You Offer Free Coins?

Yes! As soon as you create an account with us you will receive shards and gems which can then be used to play our popular game titles.

What are The Most Popular Game Titles on Offer?

Every person has their favourite casino games. There is no one best game. This is all down to personal preference. However, it must be said that our slot games are one of the more popular titles that are available to play at Vegas Gems.

Do I Need To Download To Play?

No! Our website is available to play without the need to download anything. Our sweepstakes casino can be used in the comfort of your own home or simply on the go with a mobile device.

How Often Does Vegas Gems Offer Free Promotions?

Vegas Gems offers daily promotions with many chances of winning free sweeps. It's always worth checking our social media platforms, to see our dedicated social media giveaways for even more free play.

Do You Have A Downloadable App?