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Play Sweeptake Coinflip 2024

If you want to have fun with new and the latest coinflip gamemode, then you are in the right location! Simply bet while playing our provably fair coinflip.

Our game is suitable for all levels of play, both new players and seasoned veterans. Start playing today at one of the most provably fair platforms around.

How to Play

You can challenge another member in the lobby. You can then choose what wallet you want to use to play . There will then be a coin that is tossed - which will land on one of the two symbols.

The winner is the one who placed their bet on the correct symbol.

The winner will then receive whatever gems or shards their opponent wagered, and they get to keep their original wager as well. You can even enjoy our free welcome bonuses if you are a new player.

That's the beauty of the service - its simplicity has made this game a staple and a fan favourite within the community.

It allows players to place 50/50 wagers with gems or shards, with provably fair percentages. Wager shards or gems for the chance to win prizes from the other player. We have an active user base and our users are always having fun when it comes to playing our provably fair coinflip.

Safe Purchases and Redemptions

Here at VEGASGEMS, you can make a purchase of different packages using different purchase methods.

You can then exchange these purchases for gems and shards to spend on our provably fair system. You can then use gems or shards to place bets. We also have quick redemption times so you won't have to wait too long to get your winnings! Our redemption methods and purchases are one of the best in the business.

How Quick Can I Redeem My Winnings?

If you win while playing coinflip, while enjoying our provably fair system, you can be certain that your redeptions are fast and efficient, on other websites this may not be the case, as on other sites they can quite often be slow and tedious.


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