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Play Online Roulette USA 2024 - Play For Free Today

Arguably, there is no bigger game within the Casino scene not even online slots, than roulette, we are pleased to offer a great roulette platform at the Sweepstakes Casino Vegas Gems.

Why Online Roulette at Vegas Gems

Here at Vegas Gems, we provide an unmatched free roulette platform, if you want to make use of our welcome bonuses, or get involved with our daily promotions, as one of the best sweepstake casinos offering Roulette we are certain you will always receive something for free! You can use these promotions to help you on your gambling adventure with our in-house roulette wheel, improving your chances of getting big wins!

Live Online Roulette

If you did not already know, roulette is one of the most popular titles within the industry. At Vegas Gems we have made it possible for you to enjoy, free online roulette games simply on the go or at the comfort of your own home. At Vegas Gems, we have partnered with the best providers in the industry to ensure you can play free roulette online as best as possible. Playing roulette online has never been simpler, our live roulette will allow you to chat with other players while gambling, increasing your fun and communication with other players!

Enjoy Free Roulette Games

If you are looking for one of the best online roulette casinos - you've definitely come to the right place! Vegas Gems is one of the world's leading sweepstake casinos for roulette bets, we are a new site but have quickly established ourselves as a prime destination for those looking to play Roulette online within the USA. Creating an account is simple, we do everything to make sure that you will reap the benefits from our casino experience, Why not place your bets with us today?

How To Play Our Roulette Wheel

Select Our Roulette Game

To play roulette on our roulette wheel, simply choose the game above, and make sure you have enough credits, to ensure you can play within the table limits.

Choose How Much To Bet

When it comes to selecting your bets, it's always important when you play online roulette to only bet with what you can afford, luckily our free roulette allows you to gamble for free, minimising your chances at potential losses.

Place Your Bets

Once you have made your choice, now simply make your bet, by choosing your options.

Is Playing Online Roulette Worth It?

If you are into playing free online roulette then it is certainly worth it, in our opinion nothing beats the thrill of betting on the roulette game, as you can use roulette strategies and our welcome bonuses to increase your chances of winning while playing roulette for free.

Online Roulette Games FAQ

Is Roulette Based On Luck?

Yes, as you probably know every casino game is a game of chance, not just our roulette wheel, it is impossible to predict with a roulette table, which is why the game is so popular in comparison to other casino games. It is important to note that different versions of the game and roulette variants will give different advantages, many players use a roulette strategy to increase their chances, as each roulette game is based on a random number generator to ensure that it is fair. You can also test the table by using our demo feature which acts as a roulette simulator, before playing on our free roulette game.

Is There A Safe Bet While Playing Free Roulette Online?

When playing online roulette games and roulette in general, there are no safe bets which is the case for all gambling games. However, with our free online roulette game and all roulette games, some wagers are more likely to win, however, the payout will be lower of course.

What Is the Best Roulette Strategy?

Roulette games are a game of chance, and with our free roulette games, it's always best to understand the different types of bets and how you can use them to your advantage, such as corner bets and split bets being popular methods for a roulette player, also take a note of outside bets at the roulette table.

Is There A Secret to Win Roulette?

There is no "trick" to winning roulette, however, there are common bets and a few betting options that players use in mini roulette and with our roulette games, however, when that ball lands it is completely luck and there are no secrets to increase your chances. Either playing free roulette or real money roulette.

What Are The Different Types of Online Roulette?

There are 3 Major Roulette Games, that are dominant in the market, with American or European roulette being the most dominant in the industry.

American Roulette

There are two green pockets with this variant of online roulette, a zero and a double zero. T

This version of roulette is incredibly popular.

European Roulette

European roulette has just one green pocket, often you will find that the house edge is reduced significantly.

You will tend to find in outside of the USA this European version is more popular, especially for real money games.

French Roulette

French Roulette is incredibly similar to its European counterpart, it has a single zero pocket containing numbers 10 to 36, a very popular method of roulette, especially in the industry.

Why Vegas Gems

At Vegas Gems, the premier online sweepstake casino for casinos in the USA. We offer a wide array of betting options for our customers, so it is no surprise that we offer the house edge by offering a way to play for free, that you simply won't find with other online casinos.

What makes us unique is the benefits and free bonuses that we offer to our new and existing customers, offering a great alternative to real money roulette, and other online roulette variations. Here you can find a wide range of casino classic games that you can enjoy not just Roulette! We are certainly a unique sweepstake Casino, perfect for those looking to win real money prizes. Our roulette table layout is one of the best when it comes to an online casino, allowing you to play roulette with ease.

In fact, that is simply not all! We offer a great chat feature where you can chat with other players, while you engage in free games and enjoy roulette bonuses with our American version of roulette games, by enjoying a multi-wheel roulette experience.

We have a wide choice of trusted payment methods, and we accept all forms of credit cards, so if you don't want to play for free and want to buy shards, you can do so easily. Join Vegas Gems and see why we are the best choice for online gambling within the USA.